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How to Prioritize Your Stratas Exterior Cleaning needs with your budget

When it comes to exterior cleaning and maintenance your strata or property will need to consider the following services:

Window and Frame Cleaning – Generally the windows inaccessible to unit owners
Gutter/Eavestrough Cleaning – no debris blocking, no leaks or over spills
Concrete and Building Pressure Washing – Keeping the exterior of the building presentable and attractive so that it doesn’t start to look run down and degraded
Roof Cleaning and Maintenance – Keeping the roof maintained and free from moss and other organic growth that over time will degrade the shingles
Below is a table with what I would suggest for your Strata Maintenance Schedule as far as priority, frequency, and funding goes. Some of these services may be included in your annual operating fund where as others may need to be planned with the contingency reserve.