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Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning Services

Few things brighten the appearance of your home like clean windows

You will love the results.

If you’re looking for high-quality window washing services, look no further than Grime2Shine Exterior Cleaning. We understand that window cleaning is often put off, but it’s one of the first things people notice about your property. Make a great first impression with your neighbors or customers by hiring our professional team for all of your window washing needs. Our highly trained and experienced cleaners are equipped to handle any task, from residential homes to commercial buildings. Don’t procrastinate, call Grime2Shine Property Maintenance for Exterior Cleaning today for sparkly clean windows!

Quite simply, no!

Need to get work done while we are there? Or simply just want to relax? Go for it! You do not have to lift a finger.

Our team is not only insured but also background checked and bonded. So if you have to run out to do errands thats fine! In fact we have personal keys and codes to many of our customers homes. We will wear professional booties around your home to ensure we do not track in dirt and debris. We will move your furniture back from the windows and carefully lay down clean drop towels to ensure we don’t drip on your floors.

Window manufacturers recommend having the windows cleaned a minimum of twice per year particularly on the exterior. Cleaning your windows prevents mineral build up and hard water staining. Most of our customers get the interior and exterior of their windows done once per year, and an additional exterior window cleaning when required.
Our technicians and supervisors have been trained to use the best window cleaning method for the job. They have been trained to provide streak free and high quality detailed results. Whether that is with the traditional mop and squeegee method, or the purified water pole method, you can trust that your windows and frames will be cleaned to an exceptional standard.
Our window cleaning packages vary, but with every package you can expect high quality, professionally trained, uniformed technicians to clean the glass, wipe the frames, and wipe up any drips. If getting the interior cleaned, you can expect our technicians to be equipped with drop towels, booties for inside, and proper ladder pads to not mark up your walls.
3 reasons: 1) Our quality 2) Our people 3) Our customer service and support. We put a lot of time into finding, training, and equipping our technicians to provide the kind of experience and quality that you want. Our pricing is set to be able to make your life more convenient, and enables us to stand behind our work 100% year after year.
We use a professional screen cleaning machine specifically designed for our industry. The machine hooks up to your garden tap and is equipped with jets and bristles to run the screens through, and get the best results.
  • Basic track cleaning : our technicians are going to open your window and take a microfiber rag to the tracks giving them a quick wipe out with soapy water. The method is really quick and great value for the price. You should choose this method if your windows get done on a regular basis, and if your tracks just have some light dust or debris that can be wiped out.
  • Deep track cleaning: our technicians are going to spend more time on the window tracks. They will work with a spray bottle and track brush to do a more detailed clean. They still won’t be able to get into every little corner as they won’t be using a toothbrush but the service is still much more detailed than the basic. In some cases the technician may even use a track vacuum to get the big debris out. You should use this method if you haven’t had your windows cleaned for a long time and there’s caked dirt or debris on the tracks or ledges. This level of service might also appeal to you if you are very particular about your home, and you want an ‘above and beyond’ service where our technicians spend extra time on each track and window frame.
Never let someone use a razor blade to clean windows that have tempered, or safety glass. Make sure that your window cleaning technician is familiar with tempered glass and the risks of scratching.

Sometimes here in Kelowna, especially in Glenmore and West Kelowna the mineral count in the water can be pretty high. This means that if your sprinklers are not adjusted right and they hit your windows, over time they can leave some hard water stains on the glass. If allowed to sit for years these can become permanent and actually etch the glass. If you have your windows cleaned annually at a minimum this shouldn’t be too bad. But in some cases the glass may require an extra treatment.

All our regular Window Cleaning packages are priced to include the removal of all “Water Soluable Debris”. This means that anything that requires a stronger chemical or product would require an extra charge. If you have some hard to remove water stains or you recently had your home renovated and the windows have paint, stucco, or silicon on them please let us know so that we can give you the proper quote and make sure the job gets taken care of the right way. If we notice some of this debris on your windows that will take us extra product and time then we will communicate with you first before ever adding a charge to your quoted price.

Upon job completion and after the crew leader has offered you your complimentary walk-through he will present you with the total cost plus GST. Payment can be made with cash, cheque, or credit card. A paid receipt will be emailed to you within 24 hours. Out of town or not able to be home for the appointment? Thats fine! We are conveniently set up to take credit card or interac E-transfer online. Please note that you plan on paying this way prior to booking and we can even keep your credit card on file for quick easy billing.


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